guest artist performances (info to come!)


(Friday, Sept. 7 at 10pm)

Come join us at the Mode to hear some of our Campfire Artists and local performers show off their musical stylings! Grab a drink at the Mode with us at this totally free event.






Spontaneous. Cathartic. Inspiring. Story Story Night is a live storytelling phenomenon/nonprofit organization that provides a forum for the community to share real experiences on stage and without notes.  In this abbreviated version of our monthly show, audience members will have the opportunity to put their name in a hat and a handful of folks will be chosen at random to tell a five minute story. Not sure what to say? Take our workshop, Story Story Workshop on Saturday, September 8 at 11:45 am!



workshops (and more to be added!)

Yoga for Artists - Mindfulness & Movement to Enhance Creativity

Led by Emily Rollie

Join theater director and certified yoga instructor Emily Rollie to take time to breathe and experience how meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can benefit artists. The session will include a brief discussion of how meditation and yoga have been scientifically proven to increase neural pathways and open up creative impulses, followed by a led breathing meditation and basic yoga practice. Participants should dress for movement and come prepared to move, think, and breathe more freely. If you have a yoga mat, please feel free to bring it along. 

Post-Apocalyptic Shakespeare Performed Under Water OR Making Your Show Concept Work for You

Led by Nathaniel Foster

A discussion based workshop that cultivates conversation about concept from development to dramaturgy to directing. Explore how the ability of a strong concept can change the landscape of your show. A focus on fully fleshed and textually supported concepts, understanding the way concepts impact the perception of your show and researching for a concept.

clown work

Led by Kelly Barker

Hi my name is Kelly Barker, and I am stupid. If you’re stupid too join me for this clown workshop in exploring your own idiosyncrasies and developing a sense of play through movement, voice and comedy work. Come ready to move!

Writing for film & television

Led by Ryan Cannon

A workshop on the ins and outs of writing for the screen, with focus on developing a sound dramatic premise. Bring writing materials and your in-progress story ideas.


led by Tracy Sunderland

Spend an hour exploring the artist’s building blocks for making: time and space. This introduction to Viewpoints training aims to ignite (or reignite) the creative, spontaneous spark within. Dress to move, no socks. All are welcome.


Led by Tracy Sunderland

An introduction to the basics of Suzuki training: participants will engage in rigorous physical forms aimed at harnessing the artist’s potential and power. Note: this is a physically  demanding workshop. Dress to move, bring socks. All are welcome.


Diversity and Inclusion in Theater (roundtable)

Led by May Liang

A discussion section regarding this topic with questions to audience regarding what they have seen, what's worked and not worked, what we would like to see in the future, how to create theater with integrity. We will create an intentionally open and diverse space for people of color, gender-queer folx, etc. where conversations about our thoughts and experiences can be held in thoughtfulness and truth. Come with an open mind and heart.

what's the story?

Led by Leta Neustaedter

We’ll put story ideas through the Story Story Night “Story Wave” to explore where to begin, when to end, which details serve the story and which ones clutter it up. Open to anyone with a story to tell. Participants should bring pen/pencil and a story idea. 

the odd job of auditioning

Led by Tess Worstell

Auditioning can be stressful, but there are ways to ease the tension. Bring your audition material and find new ways to balance what you need and what the employer needs. If comfortable, come prepared with a short monologue or song (no longer than 90 seconds - bring sheet music). If not performing, come with questions!

exploring object theatre

Led by Chad Shohet

What is Object Theatre and how is it different from Found-Object Puppetry? Our focus of the workshop will be to investigate and explore the relationship between the performer and object. What can the object/puppet allow us to express in a different way an actor does? What does it reveal to us about the character? How does the performer/ object relationship becomes an element of intricacy, metaphor, reflection and subversion? We will develop a sensitivity to the weight and meaning of “everyday” objects, objects that contain memory and objects that are emotionally charged.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you can wear for free movement. Please bring a backpack/ bin/trunk full of household objects. The more the better.  Toys, balls, dolls, games, miniatures... kitchen utensils  (you can also include canned foods, candy, edible things... bathtub objects... musical instruments/objects that produce a sound (bells, whistles)... magazines/picture books/photos/postcards/posters... costumes, hats, wigs, shoes, gloves...  natural materials (leaves, rocks, shells)... desk lamps, flashlights, any object with light... boxes, special suitcases...!


Led by Shelby Bay

Directing for the Stage is a lecture-based workshop which will give an overview of various directing exercises created to cultivate the student's individual directing style.


Embodying Heightened Text

Led by Emma Went

Getting heightened text in the body so that it is authentically and joyfully inhabited by each individual performer is a constant pursuit of Emma's-- absolutely necessary for performing heightened-text, like verse, but applicable and useful for all kinds of writing. Inspired by Cicely Berry's techniques at the RSC, informed by her own study with master teachers and work as a director and a coach, and tailored to the unique gifts of the humans in the room, this is an hour to begin (or deepen!) your relationship to speaking poetry. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for movement! Appropriate for any level of participant.

Living/working in nyc (panel)

Led by Tess Worstell, Amanda Baschnagel and Emma Went

Have you ever thought about moving to New York? Are you maybe terrified and nervous to do it? Check out this panel for tips and tricks about what the big city might be able to offer you! Three Campfire artists that have or currently live in New York City will moderate. 

MISSION POSSIBLE: Creating a theatre company that thrives (roundtable)

Led by Denise Simone

Let's dialogue. Maybe you want to start your own theatre company or maybe you already have or it's an unspoken or spoken dream that you just can't shake. Wherever you are on the journey we'll discuss some key markers that might be helpful as you move forward. Bringing 25 years experience as a Founding Member and one of the past Co-Artistic Directors of Company of Fools, Denise is passionate about working with others to build theatres that are deeply connected to mission and community. Bring your questions and a resounding YES!

Mask Work

Led by Kelly Barker

Masks help us as performers to engage with an audience as well as reinforce the importance of body tension. We will wear commedia masks and various other masks to create character. Improvisation will be used to help focus on the action of character and scene composition. This is a physical and fun workshop intended to get you out of your head and into your body. Please be prepared to move and and remove your shoes. 

Accessing Impulse-Breath, Release, and Joy

Led by Amy Rush

An actor's job is to follow every impulse, but where do they come from? Impulses, information that we need to release energy, are communicated through the breath. As we commit to following every impulse through, the text comes to life in surprising and wonderful ways. Come play with your breathing, awareness, and joy in this fun and challenging workshop. Suited for actors/performers of all levels.