we are on the hunt for never-been-produced scripts by emerging playwrights.

  • "Emerging" is defined as a playwright that has not had more than two professional productions or a published script.

  • "Never been produced" means plays that have had small readings and workshops are fine, but plays that have been previously produced or published are not accepted.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, please email us at contact@campfiretheatrefestival.com with details.

We will accept full length plays that are more than sixty pages, less than one hundred and twenty pages, and may have an intermission.

We currently cannot accept musicals. We can accept children's plays. We will accept plays of any genre. Each playwright may submit ONE play. Please keep in mind that we will be taking technical requirements and feasibility to produce with a short rehearsal schedule into consideration when making selections.


We are accepting submissions for two programs:

our Staged Reading Series and our new Spark Program.

Our Staged Reading Series accepts plays by emerging playwrights and offers them a fully staged reading at our festival in Boise, Idaho in September 2018.


  • Your play will be assigned a cast and director.
  • You will receive a prize of $100 for a selected full-length play.

Campfire Theatre Festival is not currently able to provide playwright travel stipends for the Staged Reading Series; however, if a selected playwright can provide their own travel to Boise for the festival, all efforts will be made to assist with housing.

sparkfinal copy.png

Our new Spark Program accepts plays by emerging playwrights for a week-long workshop process that culminates in a seated reading. Our first Spark workshop will take place in Spring 2018 in Boise, Idaho, and our second will take place as part of our festival in Boise, Idaho in September 2018.


  • Your play will be assigned a cast, a dramaturg and director.
  • You will receive a prize of $100 for a selected full-length play.
  • You will receive airfare and housing for a week in Boise, Idaho.



The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2017. We will accept the first 300 full-length plays and close submissions when we receive that many, even if it's before the deadline.

please prepare the following materials:

  1. A theatrical resume titled "RESUME" including contact information
  2. A document titled "ADDITIONAL INFO" containing the following:
    • A short response to the following prompt: Why do you think this opportunity would benefit you at this point in your career?
    • A short response to the following prompt: Campfire aims to increase inclusivity, diversity and representation in the American theatre. What makes your voice unique or unheard in American theatre today?  
    • A casting breakdown (specific requirements, doubling, cast size, etc.)
    • A brief note on technical requirements
    • A short synopsis
    • How did you find out about Campfire?
    • Please indicate if you are submitting your play to be considered for the Staged Reading Series, the Spark Program, or both.
  3. A PDF copy of your script. The name of the document should be the name of your play. The script should be blinded (no names or identifying info please!). The play must be in proper stageplay format or it will not be read.

Please email these three documents to contact@campfiretheatrefestival.com.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your play! Please direct any questions to contact@campfiretheatrefestival.com.