By Noah Diaz

Bobbi Anne King is America’s favorite Home Shopping Network host! Bobbi Anne King is a good wife! Bobbi Anne King is a mogul! Bobbi Anne King is a star! But when Bobbi Anne King catches her husband having an affair with a man in her marriage bed, she will use her platform on live national television to come to terms with what it means to reach the pinnacle of success and realize you are all alone. The Home Shopping Network Pageant Play is a roiling theatric melodrama with shoes! crying! husbands! wives! bedspreads! emotions! dancing! glitter! swimwear! and a good old-fashioned dance-off!

Noah Diaz is an MFA candidate in the playwriting program at the Yale School of Drama. Previous works include The Motherhood Almanac (Woodward/Newman Award finalist, Blue Ink Playwriting Award semi-finalist), Jack and June and the Great Bassoon!, The Home Shopping Network Pageant Play, and Richard & Jane & Dick & Sally. His plays have been developed, workshopped, and produced with the Shelterbelt Theatre, Rose Theater, 5th Wall Productions, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, and Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, among others.

sing to me now

by iris dauterman

The Greek muse of epic poetry breaks down and hires a human as an intern when she gets overwhelmed with work. In a modern mythological world, where dreams and ideas are tangible things, both gods and humans have to learn their own limitations and explore the place of the artist in a chaotic world.

Iris Dauterman holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Indiana University, and a B.A. in Drama from Bennington College. Her plays have been workshopped or produced at the Berkshire Fringe Festival, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts, Indiana University, and Animus Theatre Company. She is a two-time finalist for the Heideman Award and will serve as the 2018 Artist in Residence for Spicy Witch Productions. Iris teaches Playwriting at Earlham College and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

new eden

by heidi kraay

Lost in a blizzard, Brian stumbles upon Michael’s warm and welcoming cabin. Lost and longing to please God, Michael's chance for salvation stumbles in from the cold. One disciple is a good beginning...but Michael has his eye on disciple number two. With Brian's help, she’ll join them soon--the key to the New World, she can save us all. 


Heidi Kraay examines the connection between brain and body, seeking empathy with fractured characters. Writing across disciplines and training in diverse theater vocabularies give her tools to live better making art. Plays include Rajpurr: Tale of a Tiger, How to Hide Your Monster, SuperSecretSiteSpecificSomething (co-devised),New Eden, DIRT (co-devised) and Kilgore. Heidi holds an MFA in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts from California Institute of Integral Studies. Member:Dramatists Guild of America.


by mackenzie jahnke

We are told that life is precious, life is beautiful, life should always be valued. However, what happens when these adages no longer ring true? This uncertainty is what the characters in LIFE must come to terms with, confronted with great loss they must try and answer not only the age-old question of, why am I here? But also, do I even want to be here, and am I really obligated to stay? Ultimately each character must decide… what is the value of my life?

Mackenzie Jahnke is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts.  Upon graduation Mackenzie had the honor of interning with both New Dramatists and Lark Play Development center in Manhattan where she was able to work alongside many incredible playwrights.  Currently Mackenzie lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she spends as much time at the beach as humanly possible, body surfing and scuba diving. Mackenzie has had her plays presented by theater companies across the United States and she is thrilled to add Boise, Idaho, to the list with the Campfire Theatre Festival!

bad date

by liam fitzgerald

Rachel woke up bruised and hungover, next to a man she barely remembers meeting. To him, it was nothing special. To Rachel, it was rape. Everyone else isn’t quite sure what they think happened, and feels in no rush to make a decision. In an academic world that can barely admit to the occurrence of rape, Rachel finds herself fighting an uphill battle to convince her community, her friends, and even her attacker of the truth.

Liam Fitzgerald is a writer, director, and producer based out of Chicago, IL. He has worked for the literary departments of Chicago Shakespeare, Steppenwolf, Collaboraction, and Chicago Children’s Theatre.  He is a company member of Red Theatre and a Resident Artist at Links Hall.