about the spark program

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The Spark Program invites plays by emerging playwrights to participate in a week-long workshop process with the playwright, a director, dramaturg and cast in the room that culminates in a seated reading presentation for the public. We at Campfire believe that the foundation of great theatre is the script, and The Spark Program is our initiative to support plays from early on in their journey. 

the play

the originals by lauren wimmer

When Iris arrives home from college, she discovers her father is trying to replace her with a baby doll also named Iris. Montana did not want to become a mom, abandoning her daughter when she was born. Now Montana is a nomad, driving across the country, picking up hitchhikers when she can. When the women cross paths, their connection is unlike anything they’ve ever known. A dark comedy about parental responsibility and possibilities.

dates + space



thursday, may 17, 2018 @ 7pm

boise contemporary theater loft



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