Campfire Theatre Festival is a three day festival created by theatre makers, for theatre makers. Our goal is to strengthen the fabric of the American theatre community by creating a theatre hub right at home in Boise, Idaho.


In ancient times, back before we used writing and documentation to share our histories, we used story. Our ancestors gathered around a fire and combined the things they experienced-- their fears and beliefs and pleasures and curiosities-- with narrative. These stories became the myths, histories and fables that were passed down generation to generation; spread down each family tree, bringing with them the cultures and experiences of those that came before.

Today, it’s safe to say some things have changed. Most of us don’t depend on the fire for warmth or need it to fend off the beasts or require it to cook our meat under a spit. But one thing remains: the urge you feel, when sitting around a campfire, to tell a good story. Campfire Theatre Festival aims to create that around-the-fire feeling within our theatre community here in Boise, Idaho. Our festival is jampacked with three full-days of theatre put on by some crazy talented theatre makers, all for the goal of bringing people together and sharing theatre. We hope you laugh, we hope you cry, we hope you make a friend or two. You just have to bring your stories.


  • Invest in early career artists by empowering them to create courageous work and offering them the resources and space to do so

  • Explore innovative approaches to storytelling by supporting work that boldly challenges the form and artists that push the boundaries of traditional theatre

  • Expand access to the theatre community by creating inclusive opportunities that allow any artists to be involved, especially those that are traditionally underrepresented

  • Establish Boise, Idaho as a theatre hub in America and continue to support the Boise theatre community by investing in partnerships between both local and national organizations and artists